Review of Ucraft Website Builder: effective website builder with a user-friendly interface

Review of Ucraft Website Builder: effective website builder with a user-friendly interface

Ucraft is a website builder that comes equipped with many useful features, such as a free plan, an SSL encryption option, and a website domain name. The professionally designed templates and image libraries are a nice bonus, and the intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes it possible to build a high-quality website with lots of features in a short amount of time.


  • Integrated SSL encryption.
  • Simple team management options.
  • Optional multilingualism.


  • Connecting to external servers is impossible.

Ucraft is an excellent web hosting company that makes it easy to build your own website. Building your own website is a breeze with Ucraft. You can easily find inspiration by looking at other successful websites that were created using Ucraft, which can be done very easily on their website because it is very simple to use. You can look at samples of various templates, check out pricing and upgrades, and so on.

Pricing and plans

Ucraft's free version offers SSL encryption, unlimited bandwidth, up to 15 pages, and access to Google Analytics. You are free to make use of it for as long as you like, and you will still have a wide variety of template options available to you. One of the potential drawbacks is that you won't have access to the multilingual feature. This means that, unlike in the paid versions, you won't be able to change the language that your website is displayed in. You will not be able to add members to your team who are able to edit, manage, or co-own the website with you at this time. Other features that are lacking include the ability to use Google Fonts and custom fonts, as well as functionality for membership, eCommerce, and data management. Ucraft, on the other hand, feels like an appropriate starting point and an excellent stepping stone despite the fact that it is a free service.

The names of the three premium subscription packages are Pro Website, Pro Shop, and Unlimited. When you pay for one year in advance, Pro Website costs only $10 per month. It is a significant upgrade from the free version and includes the following features: unlimited pages, SEO tools (opens in new tab), designer assistance, blogging tools, the ability to create websites in multiple languages, and embedded HTML, CSS, and JS to give your website additional capabilities. In addition to that, it provides you with an eCommerce tool that enables you to sell up to 15 distinct products.

The following plan, which is called "Pro Shop"), adds many helpful features to your online store. This plan's name gives you a hint as to what these features are. You are now able to sell up to a thousand different products, including digital items. You can sell items on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay, and you have access to over 50 different payment methods. In addition, the platform includes a facility for abandoned shopping carts. When paid for on an annual basis, this plan can be obtained for the price of $21 per month.

All of Ucraft's features are available to you with the Unlimited plan, including the ability to sell an unlimited number of products, upload digital files of up to 10 gigabytes in size, and have full integration with Square. Aside from that, virtually every other feature is identical to that of the Pro Shop plan. When paid annually, the cost of unlimited is $69 per month.

You are welcome to make use of the free trial period offered by any of these plans. Ucraft is so confident in the quality of their offerings that they won't even ask for your credit card information when you make a purchase from them.

Getting started

When you click on "Start Trial," you will immediately be taken to the templates section of the website. It is difficult to look through all of them because they are organized into categories like "Business," "Personal," and "Fashion," among others, and you also have a tab that says "Popular." Another thing that's disappointing is the absence of a search function. However, the templates themselves look very good, and if you have patience, you can look through all of them and choose the one that appears to be the most suitable for your requirements.

You are able to link a domain name to your account, and when you pay for one of the plans, you are even given a free domain name (for a period of one year), but you do not require a domain name to get started; all you have to do is grab a free subdomain. Finally, the beginning of your 14-day free trial will occur after you have provided your name, email address, and a password.


The user interface of Ucraft is straightforward and centered on the idea of building blocks and other component parts. You will find links to all of the necessary tools in the sidebar on the left. Find the one that appeals to you the most, and then simply drag it into the main preview section to finish.

You have complete control over the appearance of every element thanks to the contextual popup tools that appear whenever you select a section that can be edited.

Every template that is offered by Ucraft contains settings for responsive design, which means that your website will automatically adjust itself to look good on any device, whether a desktop computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet.


The drag-and-drop user interface has been thoughtfully designed, and it is quite simple to add a new element to your page. As you drag it, areas highlight on your preview section, letting you know where it will be inserted as soon as you release the mouse button.

The integration with other services, such as Instagram, SoundCloud, Evenbrite, and Disqus, is also something that is very much appreciated. There is a tool that allows you to switch the language, and you also have the option to embed custom HTML in case you require it.

When it comes to images, not only are you able to upload your very own, but you also have access to the free stock images provided by Ucraft, in addition to Canva. On the other hand, we were unable to locate any image editing tools.

The team management settings and the multilingual option are both accessible via the Dashboard in Ucraft, and both are features that stand out as particularly noteworthy aspects of the game.

The settings for team management give you the ability to invite other editors, administrators, or owners to your website so that you can manage it collaboratively.

With the multilingual option, it is simple for visitors to your website to select the language in which they would like to browse the content on your website. If you go with the 'Pro Website' option, you'll have access to a wide range of innovative functions, such as a 'checkout cart,' buttons for social sharing, a countdown feature (if you want to include one), and discussion boards.


In Ucraft, a blog is referred to as a "Article," but the basic functions remain the same: you write posts, add images, select categories, and schedule publication times, among other things. You can easily find here everything you would expect to find in a standard blogging tool, including the ability to connect to Disqus in order to enable comments on each individual piece.


The Dashboard is where you will access the back end of your online store, which will open in a new tab when you click on it. You are able to organize your settings and take care of your products from that location. For example, the bulk import feature is fantastic, and it's very comparable to other capable online store builders that we've used in the past. When moving data over, you have the ability to use CSV files, as well as XCart and LiteCommerce files, as well as the ability to reorder the designated columns or even remove them entirely, all of which contribute to a high degree of flexibility.

In the event that you would rather, you can also add products one by one. The user interface is very simple and straightforward. We particularly liked the bulk update option because it enables you to make changes to all of the products at once, which is a time-saving feature that can be very useful.

When it comes to receiving payments, the default payment gateway options are Stripe and PayPal; however, you have the ability to connect to other gateways if you would rather do so. There is also a well-stocked Apps section that gives you the ability to add additional functionality to your website. Some examples of this additional functionality include live chats, promotions, and specific analytics, to name just a few.

Bottom Line

Ucraft is user-friendly, provides a large number of templates that are professionally designed, and offers a free version that does not have any hidden fees. This means that regardless of whether you have previous experience building websites or not, Ucraft has a variety of pricing plans that will meet your requirements.

You also have access to a large library of stock images and icons, as well as examples of successful websites that have been built on Ucraft, which can serve as sources of inspiration. The service can be navigated with very little effort, and the drag-and-drop features make the process of building your website very quick. The availability of a free plan is a feature that is very much appreciated, and the fact that Ucraft offers a free trial period of 14 days for each of its paid plans is an excellent way to determine whether or not this is the website builder that best suits your needs.