Zyro Isn't a Zero: Review of Zyro Website Builder

Zyro Isn't a Zero: Review of Zyro Website Builder

Zyro is a do-it-yourself website builder that boasts an outstanding user interface as well as one-of-a-kind and highly effective tools that provide you with a great deal of control over your online presence. Despite the absence of a free plan, this service is an excellent choice for local businesses that want to open an online storefront.

Zyro Website Builder Specifications

It's possible that you don't always have the time or patience to construct a website from the ground up. With the help of a website builder such as Zyro, you can easily create a site for your own use or for a small business with relatively few features. With Zyro, you can construct pages that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and you can also create online stores. In addition, Zyro has a few noteworthy features, such as a copy generator and a tool for the creation of logos, which eliminate the need for much professional assistance. Unfortunately, Zyro does not allow you to switch templates, and it is not quite as feature-rich as Duda, Gator, or Wix, which are the website builders that we have selected as our Editors' Choice picks. Despite this, Zyro is effective, continues to evolve, and does not require a significant financial investment on the user's part.

  • All plans include unlimited monthly data transfers.
  • All plans come with unlimited storage.
  • Site Store.
  • Blogging Software.
  • Selling Downloading.
  • Image editing basics.

Zyro's Pricing and Plans

Zyro offers its users a variety of premium tiers. Unlimited data storage and monthly data transfers are included in the Website plan's entry-level tier, which costs $11.99 per month. Integrations, which can be thought of as Zyro's plug-ins, numerous templates, and the ability to use a custom domain are also included in this tier of service. You are eligible for a free domain for an entire year, as well as live chat, the ability to use Google Analytics, compatibility with Facebook Pixel, and additional helpful features. Every Zyro plan comes standard with search engine optimization (SEO) tools and an SSL certificate. Zyro formerly provided a free, ad-supported basic tier, but as of recently, that choice is no longer available. You are able to build a website for free in order to get a feel for the tools, but in order to publish it, you will need to purchase a subscription. Check out some of the free website builders that we recommend if you're looking for a site that's truly free to build.

When Zyro first launched, there were no plans in place for the service to support e-commerce. However, that is not the case any longer. There are now two different e-commerce plans available through Zyro: Business (which costs $14.99 per month) and Advanced Store (which costs $39.99 per month). Both of these plans include all of the features of the Website plan, in addition to order tracking, inventory management, the capability to sell gift cards, and a number of other important, business-oriented features. Business provides you with 20 different methods to accept payments online, whereas Advanced Store supports more than 70 different payment options.

The more expensive Advanced Store plan allows you to sell 2,500 physical and digital products, whereas the more affordable Business plan only allows you to sell 100 items in your product catalog. Additionally, the Advanced Store plan allows you to create a store that is compatible with more than a dozen different languages, in addition to giving you the option to sell on Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram. Subscribers to the Business plan are also required to pay an additional processing fee of 1% for hosting a payment provider on their websites; however, this fee is waived for subscribers to the Advanced Store plan.

Always keep an eye out for deals and discounts. Taking advantage of Zyro's seasonal deals or subscribing for terms of one year, two years, or four years can bring the monthly cost of any of the company's plans down to a more affordable level.

The plans that Zyro has are sound, but our top pick comes from... Wix offers a more comprehensive selection of packages tailored to the needs of businesses. For instance, its Business Basic tier (which starts at $27 per month) includes a free SSL certificate, shipping options, the ability to accept online payments, 50 GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers. The multiple plans that Wix provides scale all the way up to the top-tier Enterprise level, which begins at $500 per month and provides individualized hosting options.

Creating a Zyro Website

The process of getting started is an uncomplicated one. Zyro gives you the responsibility of choosing a site template and creating an account for yourself. You also have the option to begin with nothing, or to make a few selections and let the artificial intelligence algorithm generate the rest of the content. The templates are available in a wide variety of appealing styles that are based on different types of content, such as Wedding Invitation, Photography, Product Page, and Startup Company. It is a nice touch that Zyro allows you to preview how the template looks on your desktop computer, tablet computer, or smartphone before you are required to make a decision.

After you have confirmed the template selection by clicking the Start Building button, Zyro will initiate a brief, five-step website-builder walkthrough that will highlight important user interface areas. Your website will be assigned a URL based on Zyro by default (something like "shoes.zyrosite.com"), but you have the option to upgrade to a custom domain name instead. You have the option of either transferring a domain name that you have already purchased or purchasing a new one from Zyro.

Zyro offers more than 130 aesthetically pleasing templates that can act as the foundation for your website construction journey. However, Wix has more than 800 templates available for their users to choose from. The templates provided by Zyro are straightforward affairs that rely on clean, simple designs that can be modified and rearranged to better suit the user's requirements. A selection of the available templates now include more dynamic and intelligent layout options that are not constrained by restrictive grids.

The templates provided by Zyro adhere to the principle of responsive design, which means that your website automatically resizes itself to look good on desktop as well as mobile screens. Zyro, much like Wix, has a drawback that is not present in some of its competitors, such as Simvoly, Squarespace, and Weebly, which also use strict responsive designs. This drawback is as follows: Once you've decided on a template, you won't be able to select another one. Therefore, if you want to revamp the overall visual appearance of your website in a single step, you will need to create an entirely new website and then transfer the content to the new site. That makes it difficult to completely revamp the appearance of your website. However, you have the option of moving your site to a different Zyro account.

Zyro excels at site construction. The grid-based, drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to use, and it doesn't get in the way as you add text, video, and other content to your presentation. You have the option of including functionality like maps, a contact form, and newsletter subscriptions on your website. If, for example, you need another photo row, you can quickly duplicate a section with the help of a dedicated icon. Because Zyro saves your progress automatically every few seconds, you won't need to worry about losing any of it even if your cat manages to knock your laptop off a table. You can quickly return your site to a previous version by using the handy Undo icon that is present throughout the interface. Additionally, the sites are available in multiple languages.

It is just as easy to add text and descriptions that are optimized for SEO to uploaded images as it is to resize photos by dragging the corners of the image. You do not need to be concerned about where to obtain images for your website because Zyro has a photo library that is of a decent size and does not require any royalties. You can only upload a single photo at a time, but the pictures that you do upload will be stored in a repository. Zyro now offers a wider variety of options for editing photos than it did in the past. Existing images can be significantly cleaned up by removing backgrounds, resizing, cropping, and upscaling the images. Having said that, the editor is still relatively simple. If you want more advanced photo editing options, you will need to either wait for a future update to Zyro or perform those actions outside of Zyro. It's a shame, because these days the majority of website builders come equipped with image editors.

You can pull shapes and icons from Zyro's image library onto a canvas using the free logo maker that is optimized for mobile devices offered by Zyro. There, you will find the ability to apply text as well as adjust the positioning of the image and the words. When you've finished designing a logo, the finished product can be saved as a PNG file and then downloaded. This Frankensteinian cobbling is obviously not going to compete with a real-life designer, but it does get the job done on the cheap.

In addition, you can improve your understanding of the people who visit your website by utilizing the analytics and communication tools provided by Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, and Messenger Live Chat.

Blogging and mobile design

The mobile sites that are automatically generated and responsive by Zyro look fantastic when viewed on smaller devices. In point of fact, if you are working in the desktop site editor, you can switch to the mobile editing view by clicking the icon that looks like a mobile phone.

If you aren't satisfied with the mobile view that Zyro automatically generates for you, you have the option to edit it manually, just like you do with Wix. Zyro does not have all of the features that Wix does, despite the fact that it allows users to change the color of the interface and enable gaps between grid items. Wix, for instance, enables users to incorporate a Mobile Action Bar into their websites, which enables site visitors to send you an email or give you a call with the tap of a finger.

Wix also has mobile apps that allow you to upload photos from your smartphone; however, you are unable to create and edit sites from within the mobile apps themselves (Jimdo and Weebly include this functionality). Zyro does not offer any mobile site-building applications.

You can write posts using Zyro's straightforward blogging tool. It is not as powerful or user-friendly as the content management systems offered by Bluehost or Wix, but it has improved with the addition of more categories and features for social sharing. People who are accustomed to using WordPress may find it strange that they must add individual text and image sections within a post, rather than simply typing words and plopping in images. This is because WordPress allows users to simply type words and plop in images. However, using the Editor Mode makes the editing process and navigation a little bit smoother. You also have the ability to schedule posts, just like with Wix. The otherwise excellent Gator does not have the capability to schedule blog posts.

Functions of E-Commerce

The e-commerce tools provided by Zyro present numerous opportunities to earn revenue. You'll also be able to create a store that supports one of more than a dozen languages, generates automatic shipping estimates based on the IP addresses of customers, performs real-time shipment tracking, offers discounts, and enables favorites or wish lists. All of these features are made possible by the options that are provided. The WYSIWYG editor that comes with the storefront gives you the ability to create media-rich, HTML product descriptions as well. Appointments can also be scheduled by customers directly through a company's website.

Zyro provides you with a wide variety of options to accept payments, which is an essential component of online commerce. Customers have the option of paying for products with dozens of different payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout. Although you won't be able to sell paid subscriptions through your site like you can with Duda, customers will soon be able to schedule appointments with your company directly through your website.

Leave the work to the robots

AI Writer is a handy application that eliminates the necessity of composing a substantial amount of text when producing site copy. This is how the process goes. You start by choosing one of the 14 top-level topics, such as Music & Entertainment or Small Business, and then proceed to click on one of the topic specific-category links, such as Concert or Interior Design. Zyro has expanded into a few new categories since our previous review, one of which is Gaming. After completing those steps, the next step is to determine whether you will be writing a copy for the Personal/Bio or About pages of your website. When you click the Generate icon, a surprisingly legible paragraph will be produced for you, which you can then modify to suit your needs.

Zyro is equipped with additional tools such as a Blog Title Generator, a Business Name Generator, and a Slogan Generator. These operate in a manner analogous to that of AI Writer in that you choose topics and then click on an icon to generate a name or slogan for your chosen subject. Naturally, you are free to alter them in any way that suits you best. They come in very handy when you are at a loss for blog post ideas, business names, or slogans on your own and they are extremely helpful in those situations.

Zyro's AI Heatmap is yet another useful tool that it carries in its arsenal of capabilities. AI Heatmap allows you to upload an image of your website, and then it makes predictions about how visitors see and navigate your website, as well as what attracts the most attention from them. Using these color-coded markers as a guide, you will be encouraged to organize the components of your website in a way that will result in the highest possible conversion rate.

Very high uptime

Uptime is one of the most important aspects of website hosting. In the event that your website goes down, clients and customers won't be able to locate you or get access to the goods or services you offer. Discovering a trustworthy web host who is able to maintain your website's accessibility and functionality is in your best interest. If this occurs, customers may turn their business elsewhere, and they may never return.

We use a website monitoring tool to track the amount of time that our test website is available online over the course of fourteen days so that we can evaluate its reliability. The tool will ping the website once every 15 minutes, and if it is unable to make contact with the website for at least one minute, it will send an email. During the testing period, Zyro was found to be extremely stable, which allowed the researchers to make accurate observations. In fact, it never dropped even once. Zyro will provide a rock-solid foundation for your website, as you can count on it.

Customer Service

Simply click the icon of the chat box that is situated in the bottom-right corner of the Zyro interface to communicate with the customer support team, which is available around the clock. When you have the chat window open, you can use the integrated search field to look through Zyro's knowledge base for the answer to your question by typing it in and clicking the "Search" button. In the knowledge database, we were able to locate responses to two of our questions.

In any other case, you have the option of chatting with human representatives, as opposed to bots, who field chat queries. Kindly take into consideration that in order to access the chat, you will need to be logged into a Zyro account. In addition, Zyro provides you with the opportunity to send an email with your inquiries. Every Zyro plan comes with a risk-free trial period of 30 days where you can get your money back.

Conclusion. Zyro Is Not Zero

Zyro has developed into a high-quality website building service that provides e-commerce, tools powered by artificial intelligence, and an editor that is both flexible and simple to use. However, the integrations and template selections provided are not as extensive as those provided by the competition, and the option to create a website for free is no longer available. Zyro claims that it prioritizes simplicity of use over sophistication, and the platform's consistent development makes it an excellent choice for users who share this philosophy.


  • Great uptime.
  • Simple drag-and-drop user interface.
  • AI-powered cool tools.
  • Logo creator.
  • No cost SSL certificate.
  • Useful photo archive.
  • All plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage.


  • Does not allow you to change templates.
  • More options could still be added to photo editing.
  • Zero free tier.