Pages and Layers
There are 2 tabs:
  • Tree
  • Components
Here you will find:
  • List of pages.
  • List of elements the page contains.
You can perform the following actions to both pages and elements:
  • Select
  • Add new
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Move the page/element up or down
  • Nest
You can open the context menu for a page and layer. The menu contains a list of actions you can perform. To open it, mouse over the page or layer and right-click on it.
Choosing multiple elements
If you need to choose several elements on the layers panel, click on them white-holding down the cmd(ctrl) key. To select a range of elements, click on the first on the list and then click on the last one while holding down the Shift key. The range will be marked as selected from the first to the last item. To exclude an element from the selected range, click on it while holding down the cmd(ctrl) key.
Here, you can find all the available components. They make it easier and faster to create a website design as they contain ready-to-use styles, content, and logic. In addition, components can be nested within other components.
More about Components
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