June 2023
170+ new blocks
Over the past few months, we have been actively working on adding new blocks to Quarkly to make building websites faster and easier. We have added about 170 new blocks in a variety of categories, more than doubling the number of blocks in the builder. We plan to continue our efforts in this direction to provide even more options and speed up the website development process.
QoL Features
Another area we plan to focus on in upcoming updates is Quality of Life features. We believe these enhancements will make your work faster and more convenient. We have already completed several tasks in this area and are excited to share them with you.
Project Duplication
You can now duplicate any existing project from the Dashboard. This feature is especially useful if you are working on several similar projects or use similar elements across them. The Duplicate button is located in the context menu when you click on a project.

Please note: This feature is only available with a paid subscription plan.
Arrow Keys for Element Movement
This feature is particularly valuable for projects with a complex nested structure of elements and wrappers. Arrow keys can be used for entire blocks as well as individual primitives.
Technically, the arrow key moves the selected element up or down the element tree while preserving the rest of the structure. This makes it easier to reposition elements without disturbing the overall layout, ensuring a smoother design process.
Improving the responsiveness and performance of the Builder is another important area we've been working on. We've done extensive but mostly unnoticeable work — a deep refactoring of the Structure primitive, which is widely used to create complex but easy-to-use structures on websites. In the past, when there were a large number of structure elements on a page, interacting with the builder would significantly slow down performance. Now this problem is almost solved. We will continue to improve interaction with this and other complex structures to further improve responsiveness.
No products are without occasional oversights, and we are regularly working on their corrections. Some important fixes made recently include:
  • In the new menu component, we have corrected the menu's interplay with the website pages to prevent potential id errors.
  • We've fixed the builder's hang issue when downloading the project as a zip archive. Previously, attempts to download a large project often resulted in errors and download stalls. Now, this issue has been resolved. For added convenience, we have included a loader during the archive creation process.
  • We've fixed numerous minor errors as well, such as a scroll bug under certain conditions, minor bugs in several components, among others.
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