The Main Goal of 2021
Give our users a modern, convenient, and affordable tool for building professional websites and apps in React



    • Import from Unsplash.
    • This is one of the most popular static site generators.
    • New types of props
    • New types of props for custom components.



    •  Page settings
    • Configure the description, URL, global styles, and favicon for each page.
    •  improve perfomance
    • Improvement of builder and projects performance.


    •  integration with netlify
    • Publish your project on Netlify.
    •  upload images
    • You can upload your images to the project. 


    •  Integration with github
    • Create a repository and make commits with changes.
    • adaptive images
    • Use srcSet and Sizes to set specific images for different widths of the viewport and pixel devices with higher density.
    • atomize publication
    • Update the repository and made a page for our library to create atomic React components.




    • General. SEO. Global Styles.
    • Convenient selection of items on the page.


    • public beta release
    •  Example projects
    • Onboarding tutorial will introduce the basics.
      Website Example will demonstrate the structure of the project.


    •  dashboard
    • Redesign. Screenshots of projects. Actions with projects.



    •  Preparing to Create a Component Catalog
    • Component versioning, naming, and storing. Create a modal window with a component catalog
    •  Transfer Existing Components
    • Divide existing components into primitives and catalog components. Transfer existing components to the catalog
    •  New Components
    • Create new components for the catalog


    • Increase the Project Load Speed
    • Speed up project loading. Remove dependence on the number of components and pages
    • Preparing to Create a Component Catalog
    • Component structure, information, and steps for adding components to the catalog
    • Backup Component Source
    • Implement component loading from backup sources in case of errors on the main source


    •  Tags inside <head> and <body>
    • We created the opportunity to add your custom code to the whole project and to individual pages.
    •  Custom domain name
    • We added the option to change the technical domain name and connect your personal domain name to the site.



    • Sitemap and Robots.txt
    • Automatically generate sitemap.xml and robots.txt files
    • OPEN Catalog Version
    • The components catalog will be available for viewing without authorization 
    • New Blocks and Components
    • More basic components and blocks
    • EMBED Project Version
    • Show your project in Embed code view
    • Public SDK
    • Upload your components to the catalog


    • Multi Drop Area
    • Set several places in a component to add other components and primitives
    • Grid/Column Component
    • Component for building a simple and complex grid of drop areas
    • New Blocks and Components
    • More basic components and blocks
    • Documentation and Developer's Guide
    • New Documentation and Developer's Guide
    • Tabs for the Сode Еditor
    • A convenient way to switch between tabs
    • New Authorization
    • New authorization options


    •  Component Catalog
    • Add components to the page from the catalog
    •  Panel Redesign
    • Redesign the panels and make them width-adjustable
    •  Account Panel
    • Account panel redesign with extra information
    •  New Components
    • Create new components for the catalog




    • Billing and Pricing Plans
    • Select the plan you like most
    • Easy-to-use CRM
    • Collect requests from forms in a simple and succinct way
    • Sharing
    • More opportunities to share projects
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