January — May 2023
85 new blocks
85 new blocks in 9 categories: 404, Images, Pricing, Product, Reviews, Schedule, Stages / Steps, Statistics and Team
New template
Hellstrom furniture is a one-page template suitable for expressive demonstration of your products. It doesn't have to be furniture.
New component ImageViewer
This component shows the full-sized version of image and caption when you click on the image preview.
Menu and MenuWithGroups updates
The Menu and MenuWithGroups components create links to project pages. Previously, they showed links to all pages. Now you can choose which pages to show or not to show. For this purpose, appeared the group Pages and capsules Filter mode and Filter pages.
In Filter mode you choose one of two options: "Hide selected pages" (deny-list behavior) or "Show only selected pages" (allow-list behavior). And in Filter pages below you can select a list of pages for filter.
Duplicate element hotkey
In ancient times, we decided to use the Shift + D hotkey to duplicate the selected item, for compatibility with browsers that do not allow overriding the Ctrl(Cmd) + D shortcut. Today all modern browsers allow to do this, so now the keyboard shortcut for copying will be Ctrl(Cmd) + D. The previous key combination will be maintained for a while so as not to break the habits of our users 😊
  • Fixed scroll in MobileSidePanel component
  • Fixed override bugs in Table component
  • Fixed layout and override bugs in CSVToTable component
  • Added new behavior types to CookieUsed component
  • Fixed overrides in Menu component
  • Fixed bugs with scroll behavior in Popup component
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