June 2020
export to the gatsby project promo image
Export to the Gatsby Project
Now, you can export your Quarkly projects not only to Create-React-App, but also to Gatsby — one of the most popular static site generators.
Benefits of Gatsby:
  • Performance optimizations. Gatsby enables some useful performance optimizations for you, by default.
  • Expansive ecosystem. Gatsby has hundreds of plugins to drop in additional features such as:  SEO, responsive images, RSS feeds, and much more;
  • Unified GraphQL data layer. Plugins can also pull in data from any number of sources like APIs, CMSs, or the filesystem. That data is combined into a unified data layer that you can query with GraphQL throughout your app.
  • SSR and browser APIs. Gatsby is server-side rendered at build time, meaning that the code that gets to your browser has already been run to build pages and content, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still have dynamic pages.
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Unsplash images
Unsplash is one of the most popular free image stocks. Search and select images directly from the Quarkly interface.
New types of props
New prop types for custom components: Image and Text-area. Image type calls a modal window that returns the image URL. Text-area is a convenient control for a large amount of text.
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